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Museums and Galleries of Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford.
The Dunbrody is an exact replica of the original ship built in 1845. This impressive barque carried thousands of Irish people from the desperation of the Great Famine in Ireland to America, the land that offered them hope of a better life. Located alongside the New Ross docks, the Dunbrody famine ship is a full scale reconstruction of a 19th Century famine ship and authentic replica of the three masted barque built in Quebec in 1845 for the Graves family of New Ross. Board the Dunbrody and walk in the footsteps of a group of Irish famine emigrants on their journey of hope across the Atlantic Ocean. Go below deck and enter the confined spaces, which would be home for passengers and crew for the forty five day voyage. Descend in to the cargo hold, where the exhibition describes the endurance, struggle and triumph over adversity of those 19th Century emigrants as epitomised by the story of the most famous emigrant sons of New Ross, President John F. Kennedy.
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The Irish National Heritage Park, located north of Wexford and near an imposing tower house, the park aims to present a 9,000 years of Irish history. It covers 35 acres and features a trail of prehistoric campsites, ringforts, Fulacht Fiadh, crannogs, Viking houses and other historic landmarks. There is no better or more comprehensive glimpse into Ireland's past than in the Irish National Heritage Park. Among the highlights include: - a crannog, a Bronze Age homestead on an artificial island, - a rath or ring-fort, - a horizontal watermill, - a monastic settlement complete with painted high cross and - a Viking boatyard and farm on the lakeshore. The museum has a souvenir shop and a restaurant to round off your visit.
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Lismore Heritage Centre uses audio-visual media to chart the history of Lismore accompanied by 'Brother Declan.' The award winning audio visual display is narrated by Niall Toibin who in the guise of a monk takes you on an entertaining journey through Monastic, Viking, Norman, and Medieval Lismore to the present day. Visitors can walk through the exhibition galleries and encounter historic figures from Lismore's past. One exhibition is devoted to Robert Boyle, 'The Father of Modern Chemistry' who was responsible for the scientific principle called 'Boyle's Law.'
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The stories depicted in these tapestries starts in Celtic Ireland looking at Celtic rituals, Woman Warriors and Brehon Law, to early Christian Ireland illustrating the collision of the pagan and Christian worlds, the Vikings of Wexford and the ousting of Diarmait MacMurchada from his Kingdom of Leinster and sailing to France in search of King Henry II. Which leads us our main theme the Norman arrival in Ireland in May 1169. Discover and learn about the Greatest Knights that ever lived William Marshal who married Isabel de Clare heiress of Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke and granddaughter of Diarmait MacMurchada. Together William and Isabel transformed the wilderness on the banks of the deep river Barrow creating the town of New Ross, which became one of the most successful and wealthy ports in Ireland with over 400 ships berthed at any one time. Discover the Castles, Fortresses and lighthouse built by them, all beautifully painted in thread. Come and see what can only be described as a monumental work that highlights history culture and craft, and the skill of all those involved The Ros Tapestry is a true community initiative created in County Wexford and Kilkenny. Conceived in 1998 it has been created by over a hundred and fifty embroiderers and millions of stitches. Acknowledged by all who see it as a true National Treasure this voluntary work is a labour of love, who could believe that the humble “Needle and Thread” could bring so much together for the enjoyment of all from teens to great grandparents.
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Rothe House & Garden, a historic house in Kilkenny in the South East of Ireland, is the only example of an early 17th century merchant’s townhouse in Ireland. Built between 1594 and 1610, Rothe House is steeped in rich local and national history and a visit is high on the list of things to do in Kilkenny. The House and Garden are owned by the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, and managed by Rothe House Trust. The House is open to the public as a Museum, displaying some of the 2,500 historic artefacts collected by the Society since its founding in 1947. These artefacts all relate to Kilkenny heritage throughout the ages and some date from pre-historic times.The Garden, newly opened in 2008, is a reconstruction of an early 17th century urban garden, and has become a very popular garden to visit in Ireland.
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The Tullow Museum is located on Bridge Street and operated on a voluntary basis by the Tullowphelim Historical Society. The museum houses a huge range of items of a historical nature, to personal items belonging to the artic explorer Sir Earnest Shakelton, Fr. John Murphy of Boulavogue who led insurgents from the 1798 rebellion and was executed in the Square in Tullow, as well as photographs, bill heads, journals, and many other items from Tullow's past. The Museum is open on every Sunday from 2pm – 5pm. For further details about the Museum Phone 087- 2383515.
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Tullow Museum is located on the river Slaney in Tullow County Carlow the building was once home to the Wesleyan community and dates back to the early 18th century. It houses many local artefacts see our website a video of its contents.
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Waterford County Museum, is dedicated to preserving the history of Dungarvan and West Waterford. It is located near the Town Hall, features key area events, genealogy, maritime history and more. The Museum presents the history of Dungarvan and West Waterford through a series of displays and panels.
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Located between Cathedral Square and the Bishop's Palace, Waterford's medieval museum recreates life as it was in the city during the Middle Ages. Several medieval structures, including the unforgettable Chorister's Hall, are integrated within. Along with Reginald's Tower and the Bishop's Palace, the museum provides a compelling experience, with live actors playing the medieval characters.
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