South East Ireland Tourism
Travel guide to Ireland's south east
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Getting to Ireland

By Air

flying to ireland

South East Regional Airport
The airport is located in Waterford and is situated 84 Kms (53 miles) to Carlow, 58 miles to Kilkenny, 57 Kms (35 miles) to Clonmel South Tipperary, 10 Kms (6 miles) south of Waterford City and 66 kms (43 miles) to Wexford Town, Co Wexford. Taxis and car rental are available at the airport. | Tel: +353 (0)51- 875589

Cork International Airport
Cork International Airport is situated 210 Kms (125 miles) to Carlow, 155 Kms (96.5 miles) to Kilkenny, 102 Kms (64 miles) to Clonmel South Tipperary, 127 Kms (80 miles) to Waterford City and 187 Kms (116 miles) to Wexford Town, Co Wexford. Buses, Taxis, and car rental are available at the airport. | Tel: +353 (0)21- 4313131

Dublin International Airport
Dublin International Airport is situated 98 Kms (61miles) to Carlow, 136 Kms (84 miles) to Kilkenny, 206 Kms (128 miles) to Clonmel South Tipperary, 172 Kms (107 miles) to Waterford City and 171 Kms (107 miles) to Wexford Town, Co Wexford. Buses, Taxis, and car rental are available at the airport. | Tel: +353 (0)1 - 8141111

Shannon International Airport
Shannon International Airport is situated 173 Kms (107 miles) to Carlow, 154 Kms (96 miles) to Kilkenny, 103 Kms (64 miles) to Clonmel South Tipperary, 150 Kms (93 miles) south of Waterford City and 209 Kms (130 miles) to Wexford Town, Co Wexford. Buses, Taxis, and car rental are available at the airport.  | Tel: +353 (0)61 471444

By Sea

ferries to ireland

A number of Ferry Carriers link the South East with the UK and Mainland Europe.

To compare prices for ferries to Ireland from England, Wales, France, Scotland and the Isle of Man see AFerry - The world's leading ferry price comparison website.

Stena Line
Travel from: Fishguard, Wales to Rosslare Europort, Co Wexford
Holy Head North Wales to Dun Laoghaire, Dublin
Holy Head North Wales to Dublin Port, Dublin | Tel: 08705 70 70 70 (UK) Tel: +353 (0)53 - 9161590 (Ireland)

Irish Ferries

Travel from: Pembroke, Wales to Rosslare Europort, Co Wexford
Roscoff, Brittany, France to Rosslare Europort, Co Wexford
Cherbourg, France to Rosslare Europort, Co Wexford
Holy Head, North Wales to Dublin | Tel: 08705 171717 (UK) Tel: 0818300400 (Ireland), Tel: +33 1 43944694 (France)

Brittany Ferries
Travel from: Roscoff, Brittany, France to Cork | Tel: +353 (0)21 - 4277801(Ireland),  Tel: + 33 0825 828 828 (France)

Swansea Cork Ferries
Travel from:
Swansea, Wales to Cork.  | Tel: 01792 456116 (UK), Tel: +353 (0)21 4836000 (Ireland)

P&O Ferries
Travel from: Liverpool, UK to Dublin. | Tel: 0870 24 24 777 (UK)  Tel: +353 (0)1 407 34 34 (Ireland)

Top Places to Visit in South East Ireland

The South East of Ireland, comprising the five counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford, is an evocative patchwork of fertile valleys and plains. Down through the centuries the Celts, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Normans have passed through these valleys, leaving behind a landscape rich in historical remains. Countless castles, abbeys, fortresses and ancient settlements remain to mark their passage. The five river systems – the Barrow, Blackwater, Nore, Slaney and Suir - criss-cross the South East, meandering under old stone bridges, around magical mountains, through picturesque villages and past neatly thatched cottages before finally entering the sea at scenic, peaceful seaside towns.

The South East has things to do for everyone of all ages and tastes: historic monuments, colourful gardens; well-maintained and sign-posted walking and cycling paths; abundant fishing locations; numerous golf courses, equestrian centres and exciting festivals. From coast to country, the South East has it all. Come see it for yourself...

Cities and towns of south Ireland

Vibrant Cities and Towns

In the cities and towns of the South East, the ancient and the modern meet in a delightful blend. The more up-to-date amenities and facilities harmoniously co-exist with the remnants of the past. We have something for everyone! More details +
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Countryside attractions Ireland

Countryside Escapes

The South East of Ireland is dotted with many picturesque villages. Many are situated in stunning locations, built along winding rivers or cushioned between hills and each one has its own story to tell. Take time and explore them at your own pace. More details +
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Places to visit near the beaches

Coastal Destinations

Ireland's South East is well-known for its temperate and sunny climate. This makes it an ideal location to relax on the golden beaches, to enjoy the stunning scenery of the rugged coastline or to take part in the many activities the resorts such as Ardmore, Tramore, Dunmore East, Duncannon, Curraghcloe and Courtown have to offer. More details +

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