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Carlow Attractions

Are you considering a visit to Carlow but are unsure of things to do during your visit? We've compiled a list of the most interesting and fun attractions to discover in Carlow for all ages below.

Altamont Gardens in Carlow

Altamont Gardens

One of Ireland's very special places, Altamont House and Gardens are managed by Duchas, Ireland's national heritage service. The extensive gardens are the work of continuous generations of the Watson family and were first laid down almost two hundred years ago. More details +
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Brownshill Dolmen Carlow

Brownshill Dolmen

Brownshill Dolmen is a field monument of huge proportions, the capstone is believed to be the largest in Europe. The location, setting and purpose of this Megalithic structure have been the subject of conjecture for centuries. More details +
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Carlow County Museum

Carlow County Museum

Carlow County Museum is located in the Cultural Quarter of Carlow Town and is entered through Carlow Tourist Office. Over four exhibitions galleries get a snapshot of the wonderful history and heritage of the county. More details +
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Carlow Military Museum

Carlow Military Museum

A fine museum exhibition housed in a late 19th century church. The museum features a wide range of exhibits relating to Carlow military history including the 10th Infantry battalion, Irish UN Peacekeeping in Congo, Lebanon and Somalia, Carlow Militia, Carlow in the Great War and an exhibition of Captain Myles Keogh killed with General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. More details +
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Huntington Castle & Gardens

Huntington Castle & Gardens

Located in Clonegal, Huntington Castle was an early O’Kavanagh stronghold. In the 17th century it was largely destroyed but the famous Esmonde family rebuilt it in 1625 and they later added a number of additional features to the building. More details +
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Old Leighlin Cathedral

Old Leighlin Cathedral

The Present St. Laserians Cathedral is a 13th century building of great charm. It replaced a 7th century monastery which once accommodated 1,500 monks. This site was the location for a church synod in 630 AD. More details +

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