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Dunbrody Famine Ship

The Dunbrody is an exact replica of the original ship built in 1845. This impressive barque carried thousands of Irish people from the desperation of the Great Famine in Ireland to America, the land that offered them hope of a better life.

Located alongside the New Ross docks, the Dunbrody famine ship is a full scale reconstruction of a 19th Century famine ship and authentic replica of the three masted barque built in Quebec in 1845 for the Graves family of New Ross.

Board the Dunbrody and walk in the footsteps of a group of Irish famine emigrants on their journey of hope across the Atlantic Ocean. Go below deck and enter the confined spaces, which would be home for passengers and crew for the forty five day voyage.

Descend in to the cargo hold, where the exhibition describes the endurance, struggle and triumph over adversity of those 19th Century emigrants as epitomised by the story of the most famous emigrant sons of New Ross, President John F. Kennedy.
The Quay, New Ross
Co. Wexford


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