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Dunmore Cave

Dunmore Cave boasts some of the largest and most impressive calcite formations in Ireland. The largest of these is known as the Market Cross, a name which in recent years was adopted by a shopping centre in nearby Kilkenny. The cave was once home to a large bat colony, and there are still bats there in some of the darker and deeper parts of the cave, though considerably fewer than in the past.

The cave is open year round, from 9.30am – 6.30pm every day from June to September, with earlier closing in other months.

The cave is reached via a long and pretty steep flight of steps, which is fine going down but quite a climb coming out, so a reasonable level of fitness is needed. There is no accessibility for wheelchairs or for children’s buggies. There is a small but informative visitor centre, and a tearoom which serves delicious cupcakes is open during the summer months.
Ballyrafton, Dunmore
Co. Kilkenny


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