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Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre

Edmund Rice began his educational mission among the poor of Waterford. His work was strongly supported by the people of the city, though some of his friends thought he was mad to give up a successful business career. However, the people of Waterford always expressed their appreciation for his efforts. It is fitting then that the city should hold pride of place in honouring and telling the story of Edmund Rice whose spirit and mission has spread to all six continents.

Knowing the historical and cultural significance of the place, one cannot help but feel motivated and inspired. It's a refreshing change from other visitor centres and a great place for people of all ages to educate and enjoy themselves. After all, it's not easy to find a tourist attraction which appeals to everyone. That's what makes this place so special. Edmund Rice was a man of courage and commitment with a lasting legacy and global appeal. If you're looking for somewhere new, look no further.
Mount Sion, Barrack Street,


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